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I have found a wonderful method of polishing silver that does not involve the difficult task of rubbing with a polishing cloth or using any toxic substances.

This works with sterling silver and pearls, as it does not harm the pearl. It does not work with gold filled jewelry.


  • In an aluminum pie plate or aluminum pot add:

    • a squeeze of dish soap

    • a spoon of baking soda (no exact amount)

    • boiling water

  • Submerge the silver jewelry into the solution and let it sit about 2 minutes

  • After a few minutes, pick out the jewelry and see if it looks brighter. If not, put back into the solution.

  • When it looks cleaner - pull out of solution and rinse well with cool water

  • Dry extremely well with paper towels first, then with a blow dryer, or place in sun. It is very important to dry thoroughly as moisture can oxidize silver

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