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Pearls are the only gems created by a living organism. They are rare to find in the wild, but we have found a way to encourage any oyster to create a cultured pearl.

Cultured pearls are made by inserting an irritant into the oyster or mollusk. Over time, the oyster layers the irritant with nacre (mother-of-pearl). Many layers of nacre eventually transform this irritant into a lustrous pearl. This seeding of the oyster is a natural process, and cultured pearls are considered just as natural as those created in the wild.

The colors and shading of the pearl are influenced by adding minerals and color to the waters in which the pearls are growing. As layer upon layer of the pearl forms, the color is infused into every layer of nacre. Each pearl takes the color uniquely, resulting in a pearl of amazing iridescent tones. Like snowflakes, pearls are one of-a-kind delights.

As an organic product, pearls naturally develop into a wide range of shapes. The shape can be further influenced by inserting a coin or other object as the irritant. Baroque, coin, keishi and many other types of pearls are the exquisite result of this unusual collaboration of man and nature.

...natures iridescent treasures

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