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My life as an artist began at a very early age as both my parents were artists themselves. I have spent my life surrounded by creative people and beautiful jewelry.

How to create a life doing what you love is the lesson I received from my parents. My father, David Navarro, was a designer of one-of-a-kind art piece jewelry. What I learned from working with him has been the inspiration for my own design studio.

From the start, I knew I wanted to work with pearls. I am drawn to their natural iridescence and stunning palette of colors. For me, they are a symbol of the treasure within.

As I spread out a variety of stones and pearls on my workbench, the creative process begins. Only by playing with the various pearls and watching the interplay of color, shape and texture, does the piece start to take form. I love to design in color stories, layering shades of color. My designs are clean and elegant, celebrating the distinctive qualities of each pearl and semi-precious stone I use.

The creative process does not end with the finished piece of jewelry. For me, the process continues as I work with each woman to find just the right piece to complement her special coloring and style—the piece that reflects her own inner beauty.

My jewelry is sold at art fairs in the San Francisco Bay Area, at pearl home shows and at select boutiques and galleries.

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