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Each piece of jewelry is handmade, and requires special care.

Cosmetics, perfumes, chlorine, sunscreens, and hairspray can cloud the brilliance of pearls and gemstones, and tarnish sterling silver, 14k gold filled, and vermeil.

I recommend applying perfume and hairspray, before you put on your jewelry, and preferably not where the jewels will rest on your body.

Always remove jewelry before swimming, bathing, and going to sleep.


Pearls are very porous, so harsh chemicals and cleaners should be avoided. You can clean your pearls and stones with a dry soft cloth. Please do not use polishing cloths, or cleaning agents on pearls.

I have a wonderful non-toxic method of cleaning sterling silver of tarnish, and it does not harm your pearls. Please check the Cleaning Silver page on this website for directions.

This does not work on silver with semi-precious stones. For that you might use a silver polishing cloth on the silver only, and wipe the stone with a soft damp cloth, or microfiber cloth.


I recommend that you store your jewelry in the plastic bag, special pouch, and box that is provided with your order. Keep jewelry away from moisture, as that contributes to the oxidation process.

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