Francine Fiesel

About the pearls..natures irridescent treasures
W hat better way to share your love of pearls, than by inviting your friends to a Pearl Home Show!

Pearl Home Shows can be a morning brunch, afternoon tea, evening wine and cheese tasting, a week-end get-together—or any type of gathering that works for your group. I can even arrange workplace events. Pearl Home Shows are wonderful events to schedule before gift-giving holidays where your friends will enjoy selecting one-of-a kind items for their friends and family.

A Pearl Home Show works well with between 5 and 50 friends who are interested in beautiful, handcrafted jewelry. Prices range from $10 to $300, so there is sure to be something for everyone.

During the event, I work with each woman, advising her on the pearl colors and shapes that best complement her coloring. Together we are able to select one or more pieces that are truly perfect for her. This ability to spend time with each woman, and find the ideal pieces for her, makes a Pearl Home Show a very special event for everyone.

As the hostess, you receive jewelry equivalent to 10% of the sales.

If you are located within the greater San Francisco Bay Area, please call me at 707.829.8694 or email me and we can design your Pearl Home Show.